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Founded in 1980

basquesplashSince 1980, the Basque Company has grown to include new products and flavors from around the globe.  We are most well known for our Basque Original Wine-Based Marinade.  Chefs around the country use our marinades in their kitchens.  We invite you to join in the heritage of great cooking, try our sauce.  We guarantee you will like it!

In addition to our original recipes, we are now proud to be offering a variety of new sister brands and products under our Basque parent company.  Some of these include Tres Chiles & Chelada Loco.

As our product line-up continues to expand, we always welcome your feedback regarding our recipes and products.

Basque Company
850 San Jose Avenue
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Clovis, California USA

Contact: (559) 978-6615